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When Vikings, medieval knights, and mythological creatures appear in sixteen-year-old fantasy enthusiast Alanna O’Connor’s hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, she thinks it’s a miracle . . . until they try to kill her.

Alanna has always seen glimpses of a strange and magical land and therefore suspects she somehow opened the long dormant doorway to the Otherworld, home to myths and monsters. Plagued by guilt as these marauders and beasts pillage and pounce all over her city, Alanna teams up with the one legend she knows she can trust: the newly arrived and completely baffled King Arthur.

Arthur encourages Alanna to investigate her strange connection with the Otherworld. Alanna teaches Arthur how to flush a toilet. But when Alanna uncovers her mythical roots and King Arthur learns of the conflicting stories about him, neither Arthur’s magical sword Excalibur nor Alanna’s biting sarcasm can save them from doubt and despair. Haunted by questions about their histories and identities, only their friendship and faith in each other allows them to endure. Alanna and Arthur must pull themselves together, battle hordes of goblins and savages, and defeat the evil wizard responsible for all the chaos before the passageway between worlds is made permanent and Scotland—if not reality itself—is fractured beyond repair.

Fractured Myths is a self-contained YA Contemporary Arthurian Fantasy that could easily spawn a series. At 95,000 words, it is equal parts The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Once and Future King, and Pixar’s Brave.

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