A Novel Update

So I’ve totally let this Blog slide for the last several years.


Because I’ve been focusing on writing my book, loving life, and having adventures. It’s been a fantastic several years (nice life, really!).

As for the book, well, I’m now calling it FRACTURED KNIGHTS, though a title change is no biggie. The major revision was writing it in first person POV, alternating between 3 narrators AND IT IS MUCH BETTER! It was good before, but the voice and humor really come through in 1st person.

So I’m happy with it. One agent is looking at it now and I’m hoping to get into #PitchWars (check out brenda-drake.com if you don’t know about PitchWars, the amazingly kind Brenda Drake, etc.).

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. My absence doesn’t mean I’ve lost my passion for writing–far from it.

And maybe I’ll get back to this blog some day….



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