Book Review: Libriomancer


AUTHOR: Jim C. Hines

WORD COUNT: 90,000 (approx.)

GENRE: Urban Fantasy.

SIMILAR/RELATED BOOKS, MOVIES, TV: Inkheart + Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Book lovers know that words offer us a kind of magic, but that idea, and the objects those words describe, become literal in the hands of Libriomancers—special sorcerers who can reach inside novels and pull out, as if from a bag, the items described within. Mystical swords. Jewelry. Drugs. Potions. Laser guns. You name it.

Now that vampires have begun killing these sorcerers, it falls to an upstart and disgraced Libriomancer to solve a mystery, avenge his friend’s death, and prevent a war.

FIRST LINE: “Some people would say it’s a bad idea to bring a fire-spider into a public library.”

Two years ago, Isaac Vainio was kicked out of the Porters (Libriomancer guild) for breaking the rules. He’s spent that time as a librarian: cataloging books that might come in handy if he’s ever allowed to use his power again. So when a trio of vampires try to assassinate him, he has every weapon in literature at his disposal.

Vainio teams up with a beautiful and seductive dryad named Lena Greenwood to find out why the vampires have suddenly targeted Libriomancers. The result is an exciting, funny, highly imaginative tale for any lover of fantasy and science fiction literature.

This is a stand-alone story that will become a series. I can’t wait for the next one!

The book is a kind of magic—it’s like wish fulfillment for all my envious daydreams spawned by the great fantasy and science fiction tales of my youth.

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