Query Tips – The Cycle of Querying and Feedback/Rejection

I mentioned in my last post about Query Strategy and Feedback that I was recently rejected by a nice and respected literary agent. I also mentioned that I was fine with that.

Being “fine” doesn’t mean that I wasn’t disappointed. I would have been thrilled if she had offered representation. But being rejected isn’t a bad thing and it really is bound to happen . . . a lot.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is a cycle. You send out queries and wait for agents to say, “Send more!” and then you do, and then you wait even longer, and then the agent will probably decide to pass on your amazing story. But that isn’t the end. That’s when the cycle starts over again.

Take in point: Yesterday! Last week, I received a rejection. This week, I’ve had two people request my novel (one was a request for the first three chapters, the other requested the entire manuscript). So rejection isn’t the end of the story. It is simply a part of your story. If you keep at it and keep working on your writing, you will eventually get published in some fashion. Yes, you can expect disappointment and frustration but you can also expect happiness and fulfillment.

When you get rejected, take it in stride. Give yourself some time to reflect, do some more research on agents, and pick a few more agents to query.

Keep on ‘truckin.’

2 thoughts on “Query Tips – The Cycle of Querying and Feedback/Rejection

  1. Thanks! Yes, I am still going to submit to Harper Voyager. Your latest comments on my synopsis were helpful. I will work on that this afternoon and once I like the synopsis, I’m ready to submit.
    Best of luck! I am rooting for your story!

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