And so it begins. . . .

At this stage, I’ve learned quite a bit from my mistakes in the writing world. In fact, given the number of blunders, you’d think I’d have all the answers by now. But you underestimate my stupidity. Shame on you.

I started writing in 2007 and it has been a wonderful and frustrating journey–a combination that seems here to stay . . . which suits me just fine!

I will always find fault in my writing and always crave good advice. Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding sound advice (or recognizing it) when I began my journey as a writer and dreamer. I still listen to my dreams, but so far, reality has stubbornly refused to shut the hell up.

Anyway, maybe the research I’ve done, advice I’ve read or heard, and lessons I’ve learned for myself can help somebody else. I will post advice related to creative writing (I write YA, but the advice is good anywhere) and about my quest to get published.

My life is unreasonably fun and rewarding. Writing is part of that, but there’s a lot more going on. So my first piece of advice to writers is this: Live first, then write. If you don’t make your life exciting, how exciting will your fiction be? We draw on what we know. So know adventure! Know crazy! Know error! Basically, what I’m saying is: have fun, then use it!

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